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Mainly Zemyx
Zexion thought he'd never see Demyx again until he heard the sound of a sitar playing on Open Mic Night in the campus's coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Vexen has his hands full, running away from Marluxia all the time. (Needs some revisions.)
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Mainly MarVex
Sequel to Coffeehouse.

Surely you're not questioning your sexual orientation because of Marluxia... Marluxia hasn't been the same since you started ignoring him. He wants you; you want him, so GO AFTER HIM! (Needs some revisions.)


Soriku Week

Day 3: Favorite Scene(s)

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we’re just like kevin bacon!

Just some adorkable Yogbabes.

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Anyone following me play Marvel Puzzle Quest? I’ve been part of an alliance since I got the game, but I think they might’ve kicked me out over the past 2 days? I’ll keep trying to join another one I guess…

Well, I couldn’t leave my best man— not when he owes me a dance.

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

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lazy lazy

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Random music flashback!

Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney


Guys I dont think I can sleep… 

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Day 2 - Questioning by ~Merkotoz

Why is he smiling? I’ve done nothing but try to escape him. Does he genuinely want to know me?

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marluxiafloris replied to your post: “Of the original or the revision that’s being uploaded? And awww, thank…”:

Of the revision. Act like the original never happened. Don’t hurt your soul like I did. *heart heart*

Bless you~ *heart heart*

Someone has to watch out for you and your beautiful soul. *heart heart heart* Which reminds me, Axel did the vocals for the band, but sometimes Roxas would like harmonize. 

;3; My beautiful soul?? Oh don’t be silly. *huggles* *heart heart heart*

But being silly is good at times. *cuddles* *heart heart heart heart*

This is true. *cuddles* *heart heart heart heart*


セラムンらくがき by サアヤ@夏コミ・インテ委託 on pixiv

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2 Types of Smutty Fanfic


  1. 32 chapter fanfic with actual plot before any frick frack happens
  2. one-shot where the characters are at some public place and then all of a sudden someone’s dick is in someone’s ass

there is no inbetween

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