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Rated: T
WC: 10k
Mainly Zemyx
Zexion thought he'd never see Demyx again until he heard the sound of a sitar playing on Open Mic Night in the campus's coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Vexen has his hands full, running away from Marluxia all the time. (Needs some revisions.)
Rated: T
WC: 16k
Mainly MarVex
Sequel to Coffeehouse.

Surely you're not questioning your sexual orientation because of Marluxia... Marluxia hasn't been the same since you started ignoring him. He wants you; you want him, so GO AFTER HIM! (Needs some revisions.)



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No bad day. [kisses cheek] Can’t have a bad day with koto kisses. [kisskisskiss]

8D I just got this mental image of Sora attacking a grumpy wumpy morning Riku with kisses. Pffttt. *snuggles and kisses cheeks* :3 *heartheartheart*

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❝ Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20. ❞

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OrgXIII Spin-Ring Drabbles: Xigbar & Axel

(Aaand another one because I missed yesterday’s and I’m still feeling inspired to write.)

September 1st and the moment Axel walked into his morning shift at the coffee shop, he could smell the pumpkin things. All the pumpkin things. Coffees, lattes, muffins, donuts, pastries. Everything was pumpkin and Axel inwardly sighed. He praised whatever high business entity had decided to put out all the pumpkin stuff early this year as he tied the apron around his waist.

That pleased hum in the air was short lived though, as soon as the doors opened and in came the morning rush. Axel dutifully stood next to the cashier, a petite blonde girl named Namine, whose smile could soothe even the most savage of angry, morning-coffee-hunting beasts. The last time Axel had been placed on cashier duty… Well, it hadn’t ended well and something had ended up on fire a handful of times before the day ended.

It wasn’t until two hours later when the morning rush finally calmed down. Axel finally left Namine’s side to do a sweep of the coffee grinder and the pastry rack, restocking whatever was needed before another wave of people walked in. Once that was done, he snuck out a glass of water from the back room and handed it to Namine. It was a ritual he began when she started working there, something of an eternal thank you to her for putting up with whatever shitty customer decided Axel had gotten their coffee order all wrong. Namine hated coffee after all.

It was when Namine finished her water that the doors of the coffee shop opened with a bang and in walked a man with graying black hair in a ponytail and an eyepatch. Axel eyed him as he walked up to the counter, taking note of the crisp gray suit and strikingly purple tie. In all his time working there, Axel had seen a plethora of different people, but a businessman with a ponytail and an eyepatch was a first.

"Hey sweetheart, name’s Xigbar, I got a long list for ya, so brace yourself."

Great. That of course meant that Axel would be running around back and forth with the other girl on coffee duty getting this guy’s order ready.

"The boss-man wants a mocha-caramel latte, extra whipped cream, I’ll have an extra-large coffee, light with cream no sugar, mmmm, a dozen mixed donuts, no boston cremes, two chai la-whoa, whoa, wait-"

Axel was already in the process of filling the steamer with milk for a latte while simultaneously filling the extra-large cup of coffee when Namine waved at him to stop because it seemed the guy had changed his mind. Inwardly groaning, Axel signaled to the other girl, who was getting the donuts, and they all waited. The odd businessman pulled out the phone from his pocket and hit something on the speed-dial before holding the phone to his ear.

"Hey boss-man, there’s pumpkin stuff out early."

Axel, Namine, and the other girl cast each other a silent look as the man spoke on the phone, occasionally nodding. “Yep. Yep. Got it.”

Xigbar shut the phone. “Alright, we gotta start over. You, flame-head,” he gestured to Axel, “dump all that.”

Axel bit the inside of his lip to keep himself from mumbling things about crazy customers. Xigbar began a new list and as Namine began tapping on her screen with those familiar annoying beeps, Axel and the other girl resumed their dance. When they were all done, Axel double-checked and triple-checked to make sure they got it all right, before pushing the trays of coffee and the box of pastries forward while Xigbar paid for everything.

"Sweet, gimme a sec to get all these to the car."

Namine nudged Axel’s side and he flashed her a look that screamed ‘hell no,’ but then she gave him one of those frowns like he’d just kicked a puppy and those were unbearable. Sighing, Axel offered the man his help and grabbed a coffee tray and the box of donuts.

Once everything was safely in the back of the man’s car, a gleaming silver Lexus, Axel stood back and muttered a “have a nice day.” Xigbar climbed in and Axel turned to walk back inside when the man called out to him from the rolled-down window.

"Hey, thanks man." Xigbar tossed him a crumpled little ball, glancing at his name tag. "Axel, huh? See ya tomorrow, kid."

As he drive off, Axel stared, realizing with a frown that the guy had just said he’d be back again the next day. But as he looked down and uncrumpled the little ball in his hand, he nearly fell over with a shout. The man had tipped him 20 dollars!

If Xigbar tipped like this every day, he could come back whenever the hell he wanted!

OrgXIII Spin-Ring Drabbles: Demyx & Larxene

(*sadface* No one gave me prompts. But I felt like writing, so whatever, here’s a drabble because I’m feeling inspired today! Today’s spin ring pair: Demyx and Larxene. Omg.)

Larxene. -Larxene.- LARXENE. Out of all the girls he could have been paired with in the class, it just had to be -Larxene.- The dreaded “marriage” project. Why was this still a thing? It was shitty and heteronormative and embarrassing as fuck.

Demyx could feel the eyes on him as he shuffled over to the corner of the room dominated by the best-friend pair of Larxene and Marluxia. Everyone felt sorry for him, he was sure, but no doubt all the boys were trying to keep from sighing in relief. All except Marluxia, of course, and Demyx momentarily felt bad for whatever girl would have to suffer -that- torment. He could swear he heard someone humming the Imperial March from Star Wars, adding a nice soundtrack to his horrible, horrible doom, sure to be filled with whatever tortures Larxene could enact. A shudder ran down Demyx’s spine at the thought as he sat down in Marluxia’s previously-occupied chair. The class was deathly silent as he pushed his desk over, the agonizing scraping against the floor being the only sound in the room.

Larxene looked at him with a bored expression, popping her chewing gum before ripping a sheet of paper from her notebook and scribbling on it.

"Uhhh, so-"

"Shut up and listen."

Demyx couldn’t help but gulp, idly realizing the teacher had continued assigning partners in the background. “O-okay…”

"That’s my address and my number," Larxene stated as she handed him the sheet of paper. "Share that with anyone and I’ll maim you."


"Shh. We’re doing this at my house this week, next week we’ll do it at yours. Write whatever notes you want, but I’m doing the final report…" Larxene began rattling off a list of do’s and don’t’s and Demyx could only stare in morbid wonder as she spoke, the pitch of her voice ringing in his ears. He didn’t want to know what she sounded like when she was screaming.

When she was finished speaking, she placed her hand over his, holding it a little tighter than Demyx would’ve liked, and flashed him a sweet smile that was all wrong on her face. “Are we clear, ‘hubby’?”


Sighing in exasperation, she reached up and yanked him forward by the ear, eliciting a yelp from the blond. “Are we -clear-, ‘honey muffin’??”

Demyx twisted in her grasp, trying to free himself from her sudden death-grip on his ear. At this rate, she’d rip out the tiny silver hoop he wore on the lobe. “Owowow-YES-oh my God my ear I -need- that damn it!!”

"I’m glad we agree, ‘pumpkin’." Releasing him, Larxene patted his cheek before sitting back in her chair, unimpressed. "You’ll live."

Demyx rubbed his abused ear, inwardly spewing expletives at her. Oh, these would be a long two weeks indeed.

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my favourite thing about tumblr is there is not one mention of sports

#then explain all these gay swimming boys on my dash

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pssst. it’s the first of the month. SS and welfare on top of the holiday.

Shhh, 1st of the month checks came in on Friday. And the 3rd is tomorrow. Today’s just the holiday weekend people. :P


i dont wanna hear any headcanons that aren’t about roxas getting really flustered and pissed off whenever anyone calls him roxy

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"My dream is to become a Keyblade master."

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please don’t wish for a zombie apocalypse I’m fat and my cardio sucks

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