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Rated: T
WC: 10k
Mainly Zemyx
Zexion thought he'd never see Demyx again until he heard the sound of a sitar playing on Open Mic Night in the campus's coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Vexen has his hands full, running away from Marluxia all the time. (Needs some revisions.)
Rated: T
WC: 16k
Mainly MarVex
Sequel to Coffeehouse.

Surely you're not questioning your sexual orientation because of Marluxia... Marluxia hasn't been the same since you started ignoring him. He wants you; you want him, so GO AFTER HIM! (Needs some revisions.)

Here’s the whole set! Avengers chainmaille bracelets! :3

Loki: Full Persian/Foxtail weave with a black, green, and gold color scheme. I only had exactly 4 gold rings, so I stuck them in the middle of the weave, haha…

Thor: I kid you not, the name of this weave is Thunderbolt (totally why I picked it XD). Red, gray, and blue color scheme (yes, I swear his armor has blue in it, I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy). The trouble with this one was choosing a color scheme that wouldn’t be confused with Captain America’s. :I

Iron Man: Half-persian 3 in 1 weave with a red and yellow color scheme. This one’s a simple looking weave, but pretty nonetheless. :3

Captain America: Jens pind linkage 3x1.5 weave with a red, blue, and silver color scheme. This is probably the most complicated weave of the bunch.

Hulk: This one is a combination of two weaves: inverted round weave and inverted captive round weave. Green and purple color scheme. I’m still not happy with the clasp placement on this one, but oh well.

Hawkeye: Orbital weave, with the rings doubled, so I guess it’s a double orbital weave? Black and purple color scheme. I had very limited black rings, so I had to choose a simple weave for this one. This bracelet was sold at SketchCon.

I ran completely out of black rings and I have no orange, so I couldn’t do one for Black Widow. Aaand I guess that’s it! :3

EDIT: Oh! Forgot to mention these will eventually be up in my Etsy shop, except for Hawkeye’s (which was already sold) and Iron Man’s (which has already been claimed).

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