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Rated: T
WC: 10k
Mainly Zemyx
Zexion thought he'd never see Demyx again until he heard the sound of a sitar playing on Open Mic Night in the campus's coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Vexen has his hands full, running away from Marluxia all the time. (Needs some revisions.)
Rated: T
WC: 16k
Mainly MarVex
Sequel to Coffeehouse.

Surely you're not questioning your sexual orientation because of Marluxia... Marluxia hasn't been the same since you started ignoring him. He wants you; you want him, so GO AFTER HIM! (Needs some revisions.)

Millennium Ring Pendant

IT’S FINISHED!!! Well, it bothers me that the clay piece on the center is a different shade of gold from the rest of the ring. :I Anyone know what other clay colors I should mix with it to get a closer shade?

Anyway, I am INSANELY proud of this!!! Hopefully I can make a few to take to CPAC and then I can put them up in my Etsy Shop!!! :D

As for the size, this is about 1.5”/3.75cm wide and 2.5”/6cm long with the spikes pointed down.

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